Virtual Pascal for OS/2 and Win 32
Allan Mertner, Development Manager, Virtual Pascal for OS/2

Updated: 9-15-00

Virtual Pascal is now freeware!

VP2.1 is now being offered as a freeware Pascal compiler. See the Virtual Pascal web site for further details.

is a fully Borland Pascal and Borland Delphi compatible 32-bit Pascal compiler for OS/2 and Win 32 (with a Linux version on the way). It supports the Borland Pascal language as well as the Object Pascal extensions from Borland Delphi. It compiles most existing applications almost without any code changes, allowing you to port existing applications to the 32-bit world of OS/2 in an instant. It is remarkably easy to use, and generates very fast and compact 32-bit executable files that can fully exploit the powers of IBM's OS/2.

VP/2 Feature Highlights

Super-fast 32-bit Optimised Compiler

High-quality Integrated environment and Debugger

Extensive Documentation

Superior Toolkit Support

Heaps of Examples

For further information, including information on downloading a demo version, and for ordering VP/2, check out the Virtual Pascal web page, or e-mail me at

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