What is TCL?
TCL stands for THINK Class Library, an Object Pascal library package for THINK Pascal.

What can I find here?
Available here are a variety of Pascal Central hosted pages that support TCL programmers. Below is a brief overview of those pages:

Carbon TCL
This page provides information and a download link for a carbonized (Mac OS X ready) version of THINK Pascal TCL.

TCL Lives!
A general TCL page dedicated to TCL bug fixes, tweaks, new features and open issues.

TCL Update
This page provides the latest TCL upgrades, from 1.1.2 to 1.3.1, and includes information about the Pascal TCL CodeWarrior Port Package.

CodeWarrior Port
This is the original page setup to discuss the CodeWarrior TCL Port Package.

Porting Addendum
Provides help to developers for porting their TCL code to CodeWarrior, including the Porting to UPI FAQ and Sane2FP.p interface.