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This page is a conglomeration of all the Macintosh source code and source code pages submitted to Pascal Central. If it isn't here, it doesn't exist!

Note: If you are looking for code which is not here, and you find it somewhere else, please
provide me the link, or if you end up not finding it anywhere, and end up creating it yourself, please consider donating it to this site!

The Source Code Archive
Title Contributor Description
The Knight's Tour Revisited F.C. Kuechmann Kuechmann revisits the question of how many knight's tours are there on an 8-by-8 chess board, including Pascal source code and references. This is an updated article to the one he posted 3 months ago.
HISimpleList Revisited Gale Paeper Pascal conversion of Apple's HISimpleList sample code, using HIView related APIs, CFMLateImport for CoreGraphics, and updated for compiling with Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces Version G. Provides common source code building with CodeWarrior Pascal and GNU Pascal compilers.
Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces v2(G) Adriaan van Os Adriaan releases Version 2.0(G) of the Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces for GPC, FPC and MW Pascal, a major release with many new and updated units and compatibility with Mach-O Intel.
Battle Sea Source Code Matteo Varisco This page describes the game Battle Sea, a game similar to the board game Battleship, and provides the Pascal source code, a project file and a running application.
Merlin's Tower Bill Catambay A list of available Pascal source code projects similar to Merlin's Cavern, except for Carbon projects.
MacPascal Units Bill Catambay A collection of useful Pascal Units donated from various developers around the world.
Dejal Pascal Sources David Sinclair Dejal Generic Utilities source code, a host of Pascal units, used in many of Dejal freeware and shareware applications.
SpriteWorld Pascal Anthony Hubble This is a Pascal conversion of the popular SpriteWorld animation package. This page describes the Pascal package, what's needed, and how to use it, and includes download links for the libraries and Pascal demo programs.
JSokoban - Source Code Jason Townsend Jason has graciously released the source code to his JSokoban freeware game. The source code is released under the Perl Artistic License. The source code and project files have been tested under CW Pro 4 and CW Pro 5.
Hiding the Menu Bar -
Pascal or Assembly?
Bill Catambay & Ranko Bojanic One of the more frequently asked questions from Mac developers is answered here with sample code in both Pascal and Assembly Language. Originally done in Pascal, it was later converted to Assembly after Metrowerks announced dropping Pascal. Both packages include source code, resources, project files and running applications.
SkidPerfect Ammon Skidmore Public domain open source freeware, includes Pascal source code.
CScript for Pascal Sebastiano Pilla CScript is a small library that allows you to execute AppleScript code from directly inside your application. Source code provided with permission by Cache Computing, ported to Pascal by Sebastiano Pilla.
MazeMaker Robert Dell Another article on Maze Generation, this one includes Mac source code for the maze generation routines, as well as a CodeWarrior project and sample running application.
Koryn's Units Koryn Grant A collection of Pascal source code and libraries being made available here for the common good.
SendFax Demo Ranko Bojanic An article about the FAXstf library, including sample source code for sending Faxes in Pascal.
Eric's Software Café Erik Jensen A bundle of software units for doing simple video editing, progress bars, serial port, and multiple file custom dialogs.
Merlin's Cavern Bill Catambay Complete Pascal software packages, including applications, source code and project files. This page also provides a summary of which programming functions each project features.
Multipane Dialogs Koryn Grant A set of functions for creating pane dialogs, with Pascal sample code.
Eclectic CDEFs Sebastiano Pilla CDEF source code: the Celsius CDEF and the Gauss CDEF.
PRF-File System Olle Israelsson SDK for the PRF-file system (Pseudo Resource Files), a substitute for resource files providing unlimited resources and shorter access time.
Glenn's Stuff Glenn Berntson Pascal source files and resource files representing the core libraries Glenn has developed during his graduate studies in Plant Ecology.
Peter's Source Peter N Lewis Some direct links into some powerful software libraries authored by Peter N Lewis, including everything from calculating CRCs to thread manager utilities.
Ingemar's Corner Ingemar Ragnemalm A vast collection of Pascal source code, including descriptions and ratings, provided by Macintosh shareware author Ingemar Ragnemalm.
Pascal I/O Extensions Greg Ewing New extensions for the Pascal I/O facilities to interface more harmoniously with the File Manager.
Hiding the Menu Bar Bill Catambay Finally, one of the most frequently asked questions answered here, including sample source code and project file.
My Type - Font Catalog Steve Huey A tool for cataloging fonts; includes full Pascal source code, project file and working application.
Balloon Help Tool Milton Aupperle A balloon help tool utility; includes application and Pascal source code.
Depth Manipulation Bill Catambay All about depth manipulation, including depth libraries, sample programs, source code, project files and running application.
Greg's Object-Oriented Framework Greg Ewing A minimalist object-oriented framework for Pascal programming.
TCL Port to CodeWarrior Vik Rubenfeld A complete conversion of Think Pascal 4.0 TCL to CodeWarrior.
Gamma Fading in Pascal Matt Mora A source code library for performing a Gamma Fade on the Macintosh; includes sample application.
Converting a Picture to a PixPat Bill Catambay Converting a PICT resource to a ppat resource, complete with source code.

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