HISimpleList Sample Code
Gale Paeper, Pascal Programmer

HISimpleList Sample Code
Pascal Conversion of Apple's Code
by Gale Paeper
Posted: 9/1/06

This package contains the Pascal converted code for Apple's HISimpleList sample code downloadable from
Apple's website. The code shows how to create simple list custom controls using the HIView APIs introduced with Mac OS X 10.2. The code uses CarbonEvents and RunApplicationEventLoop for all operations. Menus, windows, and controls are all handled using CarbonEvents.


Click here to download the source code package for Pascal HISimpleList.

This package is a revised and updated version of the February 2004 HISimpleList sample code distribution. The source code has been updated to compile using the
Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces Version G instead of the largely outdated Apple Universal Interfaces version 3.4.2 and has been revised for common source code compiling with CodeWarrior Pascal and GNU Pascal (GPC) compilers. Three projects are included demonstrating how to build HISimpleList with those compilers. The projects are:
  1. In the "HISimpleList_GPCPlugins" folder, a CodeWarrior Pro 8.3 project using Adriaan van Os' Microbizz GNU Pascal CodeWarrior plugin compiler package to build a Mach-O based version of HISimpleList.
  2. In the "HISimpleList_Xcode" folder, a Xcode 2.1/2.2.x project using Adriaan van Os' GNU Pascal Xcode integration Kit to build "Debug" and "Deploy" Mach-O based versions of HISimpleList.
  3. In the "CW Pascal HISimpleList" folder, a CodeWarrior Pro 8.3 project using Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Pascal compiler to build a Code Fragment Manager (CFM) based version of HISimpleList.

The common source code used in build HISimpleList is located in the "Sources" folder.

Core Graphics
Since HISimpleList uses Mach-O only CoreGraphics for drawing, the CodeWarrior Pascal project uses additional support code to facilitate the source code transparent usage of Mach-O only CoreGraphics routines from CFM based code. The additional support code is located in the "CW Pascal Extra Files" folder. Instead of using runtime generated Mach-O function pointers for calling CoreGraphics routines from CFM based CodeWarrior Pascal code, an alternative CFMLateImport method is used. The CFMLateImport code from Apple's
CallMachOFramework sample code is used to fix up the application's weak linked CoreGraphics CFM imports shortly after the application starts up so those imports resolve to the corresponding Mach-O shared library exported routines and data. (Although the original CFMLateImport.c couldn't fixup Mach-O external C constant data imports, I have modified the code so that's now possible.) Using CFMLateImport, CFM code can directly call CoreGraphics routines just as they're declared in the Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces files without having to mess around with function types and function pointers.

To facilitate using CFMLateImport and Mach-O only routines in other CodeWarrior Pascal CFM based Pascal code, the included CFMLateImportFromMachOBundle unit provides an easy to use interface and handles all the gory details of supplying the necessary FragmentInit routine, loading the Mach-O code bundle, and interfacing with C code in CFMLateImport.c.

For convenience, a weak link CFM shared stub library, MachOCoreGraphicsLateImports, containing all the Universal Interfaces' CoreGraphics function, procedure, and external C "constants" is included. A weak symbol link file, MachOCGraphicsLateImport.wke, is also included. Using MachOCGraphicsLateImport.wke file allows CFMLateImport to fixup all the symbols that can be found in the Mach-O framework bundle and skip the symbols that can't be found. (CFMLateImport will stop fixing symbols on the first non-weak import symbol encountered and return an error.)

A few notes on using CFMLateImport to late import CoreGraphics routines for other projects:

HISimpleList is largely based on Apple sample code. As Apple's usually practice for sample code, very little error checking is performed and the user interface has a few rough spots.

July 2006
Gale Paeper

IntelMac Note: Since I don't have an IntelMac, I've only built and tested the projects for PPC Mac targets. However, Adriaan van Os was kind enough to build and test the projects on an IntelMac with the following results:

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