PRF-File System
Olle Israelsson, Software Developer

The PRF-File System --- A substitute for resource file with unlimited resource number


What is the PRF-file system

The PRF-file system (Pseudo Resource Files) is a substitute for resource files that don't have any limit in number of resources (except disk size), have shorter access time and (in the final version) can be used cross-platform.

The PRF-file system has some limitations in the writing resources. It has been constructing to prefer quick reading and not quick writing. So the PRF-file system is substitute but not a replacement of resource files.

I began developing the PRF-file system as a part of an application. Since it might be useful for others, I have decided to make it public. I hope the PRF-file system will provide some benefits to the developer community.

The current version of the PRF-file is only developmental, so I hope that you are patient about error and mistakes. By making it public I have already gotten very useful comments.

For more information, check out the PRF Home Page.

Features of PRF that the resource manager lacks

Other features of PRF


Package content

How to get it

The latest version of PRFFile SDK is available at Programmer's Alley at Pascal Central. Version 0.4 of the SDK is mirrored at If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

I hope you will be patient with any mistakes, errors, etc.. The documentation is still incomplete. If you are a C-programmer (even though this is a Pascal programmer forum), then there might be errors in the header (or be badly done). I'm not using C myself, so any improvement would be appreciated.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me. Any comments will encourage me to improve the PRF file system.

If want to have new updates by e-mail, let me know.

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Updated: 14 Mar 1997