The Pascal Programming Language
Bill Catambay, Pascal Developer

Chapter 6

The Pascal Programming Language
by Bill Catambay

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VI. Summary

Pascal has evolved since its origin in the 1970's. A full demonstration of just how much the language has evolved would require a study of the Extended Pascal standard, the Object Pascal report, and the Compaq Pascal Language Reference manual. My own work in Pascal has spanned the last fifteen years, and I've witnessed the evolution of the language first hand.

While the evolved Pascal goes far beyond what Wirth originally put forth, it does not sacrifice the original design concept: an elegant programming language that makes it easier to write correct programs and harder to write incorrect ones.

Programming languages like APL taught me long ago to avoid seduction by a language which offers a lot of power while sacrificing readable and manageable code. I have programmed in a dozen languages in the last two decades, and I have enjoyed most of them. But when I need to be productive and when I need to establish a strong code base in a timely manner, a code base that I won't find painful to revisit, the language I use is Pascal.

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