Porting TCL from Think to CodeWarrior
Vik Rubenfeld, TCL Developer

This page is dedicated to help developers port their Think Pascal TCL code to CodeWarrior using the new CodeWarrior TCL Port package.

Porting to UPI FAQ v1.0

If you are porting a TCL application from Think to CW, you will need to update your code to use the Universal Interfaces. The Universal Interfaces come with your CodeWarrior CDs. This file, Porting to UPI FAQ v1.0, provides information on preparing your application to use the Universal Interfaces.

Download it now.


Many people using the Universal Interfaces for the first time have questions about what to use in place of familiar SANE calls such as Str2Num, Num2Str, etc., which are no longer supported. Sane2FP reimplements a number of commonly used SANE calls under the Universal Interfaces.

Download it now.

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