Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces version 2.0G
Adriaan van Os, Programmer

Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces
Version 2.0G

for GPC, FPC, and Codewarrior

Posted: 12/12/05

Version 2.0 (G) of the Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces for GPC, FPC and MW Pascal can be downloaded from This is a major release with many new and updated units (up to a total of 300) and compatibility with Mach-O Intel.

Special thanks to Peter N. Lewis for all the work involved.

The Pascal Interfaces team:

with help from:

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F r a m e w o r k s

The distribution now includes a separate PFrameworks folder with
Frameworks for GPC and FPC. You can optionally add the compiler?s
Interface Framework to your Pascal Xcode projects. This makes it easy
to inspect or search Pascal Interface files. Note that in Xcode you can
search in Frameworks, in Project or in both. The frameworks currently
don't add any library code for linking.

R e l e a s e n o t e s (compressed)

Version G

Version G is based on Apple's PInterfaces version 3.4.2, additional Pascal units converted from Mac OS X 10.4 C headers and version 2.0 of our revised scripting/svn system (revision 99).

41. Changed the interfaces to be compatible with Mach-O Intel. They can be used with native and cross-compilers on both Mach-O PowerPC and Mach-O Intel !

42. Added the following new units, converted from C-headers:

43. Removed the MW CFStringGlue.pas unit, the code was moved to the implementation section of CFString.pas. Note that the CFBundle.pas, CFByteOrders.pas, CFPlugInCOM.pas, CFUserNotification.pas, Endian.pas, MixedMode.pas and OSUtils.pas units also have implementation sections (for some of the compilers).

44. Improved support for UCSD-Pascal strings for GPC in the GPStrings.pas and GPCStringsAll.pas units.

45. Added {$propagate-units} to MacOS.pas, HIToolbox.pas, CoreGraphics.pas and CoreFoundation.pas for GPC, so that they can be used as master units with GPC.

46. Updated and translated CoreFoundation units

47. Brought HIToolbox, MacTypes, MacTextEditor and Processes to Mac OS X 10.4

48. Brought CoreGraphics to Mac OS X 10.4

49. Brought OpenTransport to Mac OS X 10.4

50. Added AVAILABLE_MAC_OS_X_VERSION_10_xx defines as comment

51. Minor changes


Technical support

If you have a question, direct it to the MacPascal mailing list. To subscribe, to to

Enjoy !

Adriaan van Os

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