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Code Snippet Central !

This database allows Macintosh Pascal programmers to exchange pieces of Pascal code. These code snippets may be very useful for the production of your Pascal program.

If you are looking for a snippet, click Search code snippet.

If you would like to contribute a snippet, click Post new code snippet.

If you want to modify a piece of code you already posted, click Modify snippet entry.

You can also register as a new PDC user by clicking on
Register new PDC user. If you are already registered and wish to change your user profile, click on Change user profile.

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Beta Test Central !

This database is designed for Pascal programmers to submit their beta applications for testing, and for testing the beta applications of other Pascal programmers.

If you would like to test programs, click on the Browse the list button to see what's available, or Search software to look for a particular piece of software.

If you have a program written in Pascal, and are looking for testers, click on the Register software button to submit the application.

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  Unregister software

  Modify software entry

To modify or delete your entry in the database, click on the corresponding buttons Modify sofware entry or Unregister software.


Sherlock plugin ... for mac users

With MacOS 8.5, Apple introduced a new searching mechanism called Sherlock. It allows the user to search directly into any database from inside the finder, as soon as you have the right plugin.

Download it now !

Code Snippet Central (CSC) has its own Sherlock plugin! Drag it onto the system folder (it will go directly to the right place), then select it under 'Sherlock' to search in the CSC database.


Open Source Mac Pascal Compiler Project

Some Pascal developers are discussing the opportunity of developing a PPC Pascal compiler for Macintosh in the spirit of an open source project.

More informations


Any question ? Join MacPascal List...

If you have any questions on pascal programming on Macintosh, we encourage you to join the MacPascal mailing list. It's free and powerful!

Enjoy !

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Bill Catambay who has corrected my English and for maintaining Pascal Central. Thanks also to the many Pascalians who helped me.


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