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Article/Author Description/Platform
Translation of Merlin
by Bohdan Zograf
Revisit the Mac OS 9 source code page to find a link to a Belorussian translation of the page!
Pascal Gladiator IDE
by Ryan Joseph
Pascal Gladiator is a free graphical IDE for FPC and debugger front-end for GDB. Inspired by Lightweight IDE, Gladiator now offers Mac Pascal programmers two alternatives to Xcode.
Pascal Standards - Revisited
by Scott Moore
Scott Moore revisited the Pascal Standards documents, and created some new formats, including an HTML version of ISO 7185, as well as a couple of Text versions.
Growl Pascal Demo
by Christian Franz
This article includes a small demo application that demonstrates how to use "Growl" notification features from within a Pascal (FPC) application.
New Mac OS X Sample Code
by Ingemar Ragnemalm
Ingemar has built two new Pascal sample projects for Mac OS X, a re-written version of "New Skel" for modern Carbon, and "API Wars" for a graphics demo, including loading images from a file.
Mac Pascal
Direct Class Wrapper for ICU
by Milan Marusinec
This article describes how to completely wrap any C/C++ shared library into the Object Pascal language. The articles focuses on ICU, but the same method can be used on any other project.
Windows Pascal

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