OmegaSoft Pascal
Robert Reimiller, Certified Software Corporation

OmegaSoft Pascal was developed starting in 1979 for the Motorola 6809 Processor, the first version being released in 1980, with later releases running on Motorola's MDOS, TSC's FLEX, and Microware's OS9 operating system. These products are no longer available, but a cross compiler running on OS9/68000 is still available (although a very old product).

Also during the 80's versions for first the 68000 and later the 68010, 68020, and 68030 processors were released. Support for the 68881 and 68882 floating point units was also provided. A compiler running on OS9/68000 that supports those processors is still available and was recently updated. Full source code for the entire package is included, which include the compiler, assembler, linker, Pascal Shell, and two screen editors.

These products were developed in the same time period as Borland's Turbo Pascal for Intel chips and many of the extensions are similar, if not identical. Conversion between the two is usually fairly simple, with more compatibility between Turbo and OmegaSoft than between either of them and "Extended Pascal".

Although both the 6809 and 680xx compilers are often used to generate code to run under the appropriate version of OS9, there are also extensions designed for ROM based, stand-alone systems, including a "Target-Debugger".

Most orders for these products now are from companies that have inherited systems that they must now maintain and were developed in Europe during the 80's and early 90's where OmegaSoft Pascal was most popular (90% of sales during the 80's were to Europe).

Certified Software Corporation (the designer of OmegaSoft Pascal) is primarily a consulting company at this point, with it's major customer using the 680xx compiler for it's Earthquake Recording systems. No further updates are anticipated for the 6809 and 680xx compilers, although I am considering a port of the 6809 compiler for the new Motorola 68HC12 series microcontrollers. This compiler would be hosted under Windows, not OS9. The compiler would be restructured to make it as compatible with Turbo Pascal as possible, allowing system designers to develop algorithms using Turbo Pascal or Delphi, and then porting to the 68HC12.

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