My Type - Font Catalog
Steve Huey, Student, University of Central Florida

My Type 0.3

My Type 0.3 will print a catalog of all the installed fonts on your mac.

The general preferences are pretty self explanatory - this is where you tell My Type 0.3 what to print in each font.

The printing preferences are a little more complicated though. The first option tells My Type 0.3 to print the entire catalog as one document which may be fine for those of you with StyleWriters and other printers where the Mac does all the processing. The second option, print as individual pages is a good choice for those of you who have LaserWriters. By choosing this option each page will be printed separately so you won't have to download all your fonts to the LaserWriter at once. I have a lot of fonts and my LaserWriter could not handle them all. If you have a big LaserWriter and want to try option 1, be my guest.

Some of the items are currently non-functional, this will be fixed in version 0.4.

Note : I use the Apple List Manager in the catalog windows and Apple has documented that lists with over 500 items tend to slow the list manager down. The amount of data represented in the list cannot exceed 32K as well. However, in order to exceed 32K you would have to have a few thousand fonts installed.

I included the source code so that if anyone downloads this that is an experienced programmer they might be able to send me suggestions for optimizing and cleaning up my code. That will help me write better code in the future. Possibly less experienced programmers will learn from my code as well.

My Type 0.3 is absolutely free. I only ask that if you recompile the source that you do not redistribute it under my name. You may freely distribute My Type 0.3 on any CD-ROMs or through user groups, etc. HOWEVER, you may never charge a user exclusively for My Type 0.3, only the entire CD-ROM or shareware collection. I would also appreciate a copy if you include My Type 0.3 on your CD-ROM or collection.

Pascal Source Code

This application was written in CodeWarrior 9 Pascal, and has been updated to a CW 10 project. The entire package, including application, source code and project file, is available from Pascal Central.

Download the Source Code Project

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