Multipane Dialogs
Koryn Grant, Software Developer

Pascal Multipane Dialogs Update
by Koryn Grant

The Multipane Dialogs library provides an easy-to-use set of functions for creating pane dialogs. Originally written in C, this package provides a Pascal version of the sample code for utilizing the Multipane Dialogs.

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Release Notes

  1. CodeWarrior projects updated to the CW 11 IDE and Pascal compilers version 1.7.
  2. Updated to work with the Universal Headers that appear on the CW11 CDs.
  3. This code and the sample application has only been tested for PPC. It might work with 68k also, but probably requires some modifications.
  4. To save space, all binaries have been removed so you'll need to build everything yourself.

Note: Built application and library have been added to package.

The original Multipane Dialogs was created by Norman Franke in C. Some bug fixes and modifications are as follows:

Fixes and Modifications

  1. T2PMPDAction and P2TMPDAction now lock tmpData instead of theData,
  2. For the "editText" case in T2PMPDAction and P2TMPDAction, now no longer double increment hPtr,
  3. OpenMPDialog now uses the width of the icon list box for the width of the list to allow long titles,
  4. OpenMPDialog now honors the initially visible flag, thus unless you manually ShowWindow, you'll need to change the resource to enable the Initially Visible flag if you wish to see your dialog box,
  5. In panes with an edit text field, the left and right arrow keys now move the cursor in the edit field as expected,
  6. Added support for activate, deactivate, suspend, resume events in DoMPDialogEvent,
  7. DoMPDialogEvent now properly restores the port before exiting,
  8. Lastly, it now compiles with Universal Headers 2.0.

Also a new routine, GetMPDialogHandle, has been added which allows the
creation of the data handle without opening the dialog. This allows the
caller to set initial values which aren't factory defaults. See the sample
program for usage, which now has a new menu option to pre-allocate this

Copyright © 1997, Koryn Grant

Created: 31-Mar-1997