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Updated: 4-17-05

Pascal Source Code Projects for the PC

Below are some complete Pascal projects, including source code, resources, project file and running application. This collection includes PC source code that I've received from others as contributions to Pascal Central.

This source code is provided as-is, free of charge. If you have short questions about any of this code, you may e-mail them to their author, but please do not expect a tutorial on how to program.

This code is provided for you to learn how to perform functions in Pascal. You may not simply copy this code and use it in any commercial or shareware products. You may, however, see how the code works, and reproduce that within your own code.

To distribute these source code projects on any public medium, you must obtain permission. To arrange distribution, visit the Pascal Central Submission Page.

Recommended: StuffIt Expander 5.0 (or better)

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Makevc is a Pascal program to make vCards, and is useful for converting a contact list or address book from an older program. Makevc does a good deal of recognizing (e.g., pulling street, PO Box, zip, country, etc., out of a unitary, undifferentiated address field. This project was compiled with GPC and Dr. Pascal, and includes source and executable (runs in Terminal mode on OS X and DOS mode on Windows).
Willett Kempton
- GPC Pascal example
- Creates vCards
- Interprets unitary, undifferentiated fields
Tic Tac Toe
Package includes the source code of a Tic Tac Toe game. The game is fully functional, and executable is included.  
Alan Lobo
- Fully functional game
Skin Tutorial
This is an update of my basic skin application, creating the skin of a router. It is a tutorial for creating skins, and includes the application and source code (compiled under Virtual Pascal 2.1).
Leon de Boer
- Graphical skin
Ice Queen
This is a full-featured RPG adventure game, complete with application and source code. You can view an HTML-ized version of the source code here. Read more about Ice Queen here.
Angelo Bertolli
- Graphical interface
- RPG Game
- File I/O
Quadra Combat
This is the classic game of "Connect 4". It includes the application and source code.
Pralhad Kamath
- Graphical interface
- Game AI
Basic Skin
This is a basic skin application, creating the skin of a router. Includes the application and source code (compiled under Virtual Pascal 2.1).
Leon de Boer
- Graphical skin
This is a rendition of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". It includes the application and source code.
Alan Lobo
- Graphical interface
- Random questions
- Scoring
Puissance 4
This is the classic game of "Four in a Row", but all in French. It includes the application and source code. Press "D" to try out the game, press "Q" to quit from the game.
Martin Vicente
- Graphical interface
- Game AI
- Game Option Settings
Induction System
This is a porting of the original C code to Pascal code of Ross Quinlan's Induction System C4.5. All main programs are provided, plus additional routines supplied with the system, plus source code.
Stephen Jarowski
- Induction System
- Database handling
Satanic Wars
A simplistic space invadors game for DOS, with source code and executable.
Satyajit Gupte
- Game programming
School project that draws mazes of varying difficulties, and challenges the player to find the path from start to finish. Includes source code and executable. Author states that must be run from a floppy, but I was able to run it from my hard drive on Windows ME.
Jonathan DeColaines & Basil Mironer
- Maze generation
- Game programming
Sample project illustrates some basic Pascal as it implements various functions on handling ASCII codes.
Alex McGregor
- ASCII handling
Complete source code, with running application, of an editor which opens, displays, and edits files in Hex format.
Andy Muehling
- Editor
- File I/O
- Hex conversion
- Search routines
- Event driven
A more polished version of Othello than the one which comes with CodeWarrior, this package includes a running application and the source code files. This version of Othello also incorporates several mobility parameters and variants of genetic algorithms to find the best overall coefficients.
Faybish Itamar
- Game programming
- Event and Menu driven
- Mobility parameters
- Genetic algorithms
A full source code archive to a library for creating PDF files, supports Turbo/Borland Pascal and Delphi, and includes TxtToPDF, a scriptable text to PDF converter for DOS.
- Text to PDF Conversion
A full source code archive to a library for creating PDF files from scriptable text files, for Windows 95/98/NT, in 32-bit Delphi.
- Text to PDF Conversion
This is a demo made by Microsoft, modified by Metrowerks as a demo for the x86 Pascal compiler. This is now 100% Pascal. CW Pro 3 or better needed.
Ingemar Ragnemalm
- Game programming
- Event and Menu driven
- Graphics
- AI
Lantsr is a remote control program whose main task is to transparently transfer the contents of the screen of one computer in a network to other computers in the same network. This package provides source code and running applications for DOS. Most text is in Deutsch, but the code is all Pascal.
Daniel von Dincklage
- Transparent Network access
- raw packet driver type 3
- TSR-Handling
- XMS/EMS-Handling
- Sound
- Lots of programming tricks
Video Rent Store
A school project for video store rental software (non-English user interface). To access the sample program, USUARIO is romulo and SENHA is 445325.
Rômulo Nóbrega
- Cataloging
- Menus
- Event driven
An excellent collection of libraries for implementing a decent Paint program. The text is in Spanish, but the library code is all in Pascal!
Ramiro Tasquer
- Tool palettes
- Graphics libraries
- Event driven

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