Macintosh Pascal - Hobbyist's Guide to Programming, Version 2.1
Koryn Grant, Co-Author

Macintosh Pascal:
A Hobbyists Guide to Programming the Mac OS in Pascal

"Macintosh Pascal: A Hobbyists Guide to Programming the Mac OS in Pascal"
version 2.1 is now available at the MacTech website. It is a Pascal translation
of K. J. Bricknell's "Macintosh C: A Hobbyists Guide to Programming the Mac OS
in C", and is made available as a freely accessible reference resource to learn
Macintosh programming in Pascal.

"The Macintosh C book represents what's best about the Internet Macintosh
programming community," said Neil Ticktin, publisher of MacTech Magazine.

"Over the years, K. J. has put a tremendous amount of his own time into
developing and maintaining this resource and provided it to the community at no
cost. We're happy to host this invaluable resource and encourage folks to visit
the site and make full use of what K. J. has created."

It contains 23 chapters covering everything from basic event loops to floating
windows. Topics as current as using Navigation Services and the Appearance
Manager are incorporated into the new version, which brings the books up-to-date
with Mac OS 8.5. Also available is a complete package of example programs that
illustrate key concepts covered by the books. The example programs come as
projects for CodeWarrior Pro 3/4 and use version 3.2 of the Universal

"I am grateful to MacTech Magazine for offering to host Macintosh C and
Macintosh Pascal" said K. J., "MacTech is the only magazine dedicated to
Macintosh programming. I simply could not have asked for a better home for what
I hope will continue to be a useful resource for beginning Macintosh

New Version!

Macintosh Pascal: A Hobbyist's Guide to Programming the Mac OS in Pascal is now available under a new version: Version 2.1.

Version 2.1 brings Macintosh Pascal up-to-date with Mac OS 8.5. 

New Location!

Macintosh Pascal: A Hobbyist's Guide to Programming the Mac OS in Pascal is now sponsored by and available from the MacTech web site. The download files are also mirrored right here at Pascal Central.


MACINTOSH PASCAL may be downloaded from the MacTech web site, or you can grab it directly from Pascal Central (see below). It is available in the following formats:

Version 2.1 is the first version of the Mac OS 8/Appearance-compliant edition of Macintosh Pascal. If, for one reason or another, you need to stay with System 7 minus the Appearance Manager, Version 1.2 (Frozen) remains available for download. Version 1.2 (Frozen) is essentially Version 1.1 with one or two corrections, the demonstration program project files updated for Version 3.0 of the Metrowerks CodeWarrior IDE, and the demonstration program source code files amended slightly to render them compatible with Version 3.2 of the Universal Interfaces. 

The Microsoft Word files require Word 98. The PDF version requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 3.0 or later. The demonstration programs require Metrowerks CodeWarrior.

Download 1.2 (Word) Download 1.2 (PDF)

Download 1.2 Demos

For more information regarding these downloads, please check out the MacTech Macintosh Pascal Download Page.

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