Koryn's Units
Koryn Grant, Macintosh Developer

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Koryn's Units

These pages contain source code and libraries I've developed while working on my own projects. They're being made available here for the common good.

KGLists is an object-oriented implementation of a singly-linked list. It gets used extensively in SlashMUD for keeping track of virtually every object in the MUD.
Maze Generator
Maze Generator is a library that generates mazes. This was developed primarily to help SlashMUD area designers.
Memory Integrity
Memory Integrity is a debugging library that helps track down memory leaks. It was developed after I spent too long tracking down a leak in my Five Hundred project, and it's also incorporated into my internal stress-testing version of SlashMUD. It's based on the memory-checking code in the book "Writing Solid Code" by Steve Maguire.
KGTextFiles is an object-oriented representation of a single text file. It gets used extensively in SlashMUD, where all data files are text files.
KGTextFilesFolder is an object-oriented representation of a folder of text files. It gets used extensively in SlashMUD to manage the folders of area/help/player/zone/race/object files.

These units and libraries are constantly in use in my own projects and I'm confident they're bug-free. However, making statements like that is tempting fate, so if you discover a problem with any of these files then email me and I'll fix it.

I do all my programming with CodeWarrior Pro 3, so all these files were developed for use with Metrowerks Object Pascal. But don't despair if you use an earlier version of CodeWarrior, THINK or MPW as all libraries come with source code and a text version of the project file listing the files in the project. I expect that the source code will compile with only minor alterations in other environments - the one change that immediately springs to mind is that I use Metrowerks public/protected/private keywords with the fields of my objects, and these will need to be removed if you're not using a recent version of CodeWarrior.

Copyright ©1998 Koryn Grant.