Using Pascal Interfaces with Codewarrior Pro 8

Using Pascal Interfaces with Codewarrior Pro 8
F.C. Kuechmann, Fratricidal Anarchist Brotherhood

Using Pascal Interfaces with Codewarrior
"Using CodeWarrior Pro 8.x with Apple Universal Pascal Interfaces [UPI] and Adriaan van Os' MWPInterfaces [MWP] without getting ulcers or kicking the dog

Having both UPI (Apple's Universal Pascal Interfaces) and MWP (Adriaan van Os' modified interfaces) available in the same install of CW Pro 8.x Pascal and being able to easily select either (but not both - it's one or the other) for a given project can be a bit tricky, but, with information provided by Adriaan and Gale Paeper on the MacPascal List and a bit of stumbling around, I have achieved what seems to be a workable solution.

You may read the information on this web page and/or download the information as a Word document from here. Included with the download package are accompanying prefix and stationery files.

In each CW project's preferences there are two settings that require configuring in order to select either UPI or MWP: Access Paths and the Pascal Language prefix file.

First install the MWPInterfaces by placing that folder in the MacOS Support:Universal:Interfaces folder, whose contents should now look like this:

Figure 1 - Interfaces folder

The archive
available for download from this page contains, amongst other things, two prefix files: UPICarbon.prefix and MWPInterfaces.prefix. Put them in MacOS Support:Prefix Files, replacing the existing UPICarbon.prefix file with the new one. If you want to keep the original instead of replacing it, either rename it ("Old_Mac_ UPICarbon.prefix" has a nice ring) or move it elsewhere. The Prefix Files folder contents should now look something like this:

Figure 2 - Prefix Files folder

The MWPInterfaces.prefix file is the one suggested by Gale Paeper on the MacPascal List. The new UPICarbon.prefix file is changed from the original only by the addition of


Figure 3 - Default Access Paths

The access paths in the stationary files supplied with the CW Pro 7 Pascal patch are shown in Figure 3 above. These paths are used in the ANS Carbon Console project.

For the other kinds of projects, we need more specifics. For MWPInterfaces, we want the paths to look something like this:

Figure 4 - MWPInterfaces Access Paths

And for UPI toolbox projects, something like this:

Figure 5 - UPI Access Paths

And for Object Pascal (available with UPI only), something like this:

Figure 6 - UPI with Object Pascal Access Paths

You can either select the system Paths window by clicking on it and then use the Add, Remove and Change buttons to create the paths you need, or you can do it the easy way and use the
project stationary that is included with the download package on this web page..

For the Pascal Language preferences prefix settings, UPI projects look like this:

Figure 7 - UPI Language Settings

MWP projects look like this:

Figure 8 - MWP Language Settings

Hopefully these tips will enhance your experience with using the various interfaces with Codewarrior Pascal, and save you from some frustrations.

F.C. Kuechmann
Fratricidal Anarchist Brotherhood

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