Ice Queen RPG Game
Angelo Bertolli, Pascal Developer

Updated 6-13-02

Ice Queen RPG

A DOS Game Written in Pascal


Ice Queen is a simple RPG game originally created on Turbo Pascal 6.0. Starting with version 2.1, Ice Queen is under the GNU Public License. I have not had time to clean up the code, but I am making it available to the public as-is.

The Story

A chilling breeze comes from the north, reminding you of the recent course of events. You remember when the cold came about one month after spring started. At first no one did more than complain about the inconvenient weather. But soon it became evident that there was something wrong. A dry cold had set over the City of Gilantry. It seems that only the City was affected and farmers were still able to grow their crops. However, it didn't take long for disease and depression to set in among the people. Later it was realized that a great Winter was approaching from the north. You know the cause of these happenings all too well...

You are summoned by the Council of Wizards. Most of them are stricken with disease and unable to meet you. The young Gandalph still looks well and he greets you. "As you know," he begins, "we have been experiencing an extended cold spell. We believe it to be a work of magic." And then he confirms your suspicions, "We suspect this to be the work of the Ice Queen." The term brings back memories of your triumph over the Ice Queen so many years ago. "Since you have battled her before, we now ask for your help in defeating the Ice Queen and saving this noble city from her raging blizzard that now approaches from the north."

Of course, being the great person you are, you accept the mission and the reward. What reward? Why fame and glory of course! Not to mention the reward that comes with it.

This game includes features for:

To read more about the game, check out the Ice Queen Manual.

The Source Code

As of version 2.1, the majority of the source code for Ice Queen has been merged into a single source code file. In addition to the source, there are several external text files used by the game. The source code is available as a download as well as HTML-ized and colorized for viewing on the web. The executable is available as a separate download (v2.0).

In addition to the Ice Queen program, there are also Ice Queen utilities, source code and executables also available as separate downloads.

View Ice Queen Source on the Web

Download Source for Ice Queen v2.1
Download Source for Ice Queen Utilities
Download DOS Executable for Ice Queen 2.0
Download DOS Executables for Ice Queen Utilities

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