GNU Pascal for Mac OS X
Adriaan van Os, Programmer

GNU Pascal for Mac OS X

Updated: 4/5/03

GNU Pascal for Mac OS X

At last... a free Pascal compiler for the Macintosh, and continually updated!

Please note that the port to Mac OS X is in an early state of development.

Also note that there are differences between GNU Pascal and traditional Macintosh Pascal compilers. For further details, including what's included in the current release, visit the GPC web site at

DOWNLOADS: To download the compiler, and/or the source code, go to the GPC web site and click on either the "binaries" link or the "source code" link.

Free software

The GNU Pascal Compiler components and tools of the GNU Compiler Collection are free software; you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 or later. The GNU Pascal Run-Time System (RTS) is also provided as free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 1 or later. The text of both copyrights is provided in the software package.

There is also a free GNU
Ada Translator (GNAT) for Mac OS X.

GNU Pascal Compiler project

The GNU Pascal Compiler project was started in 1988 by Jukka Virtanen.

Since, many have contributed to GNU Pascal, among them Dr. Peter Gerwinski, Jan-Jaap van der Heijden, Frank Heckenbach, Prof. Abimbola A. Olowofoyeku, Nick Burrett, Matthias Klose, Dominik Freche, Alexey Volokhov, Bill Currie, Nicola Girardi, Eike Lange, Mirsad Todorovac and Russ Whitaker. The port to Mac OS X is an initiative of Adriaan van Os.

Click here to visit the
GNU Pascal website.

Technical support

If you have a question, direct it to the gpc mailing list at To subscribe, send the command subscribe gpc your@email.address in the body of an email to (the subject is ignored). The mailing list has an archive that you can browse.

Before doing so, check the Frequently Asked Questions (
FAQ) for GNU Pascal on Mac OS X.

Have fun with GPC !

Adriaan van Os

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