GNU Pascal PlugIns for Metrowerks Codewarrior
Adriaan van Os, Programmer

GNU Pascal PlugIns v1.0

for Metrowerks Codewarrior

Posted: 6/24/04

GNU Pascal for Mac OS X

GNU Pascal is a free Pascal compiler for the Macintosh, and includes a compiler that runs on Mac OS X.

For further details, including what's included in the current release, visit the GPC web site at

DOWNLOADS: To download the compiler, and/or the source code, go to the GPC web site and click on either the "binaries" link or the "source code" link.

Plug-Ins v1.0 for Metrowerks Codewarrior

Now available is a package that contains GNU Pascal plugins for use with Metrowerks Codewarrior. There are separate packages for:

These plugins will probably work with Codewarrior Learning Edition version 3 and 4, but that hasn't been tested. If you have these versions of Codewarrior, please try it out and let me know.

The package contains version 1.0 of the GNU Pascal plugins for MetroWerks CodeWarrior: compiler, linker, importer, preference panels, project stationeries, Carbon Interfaces and example projects.

A few quick notes:

  1. Before using the compiler, please check the "Save open files before build" checkbox in the Build Settings preference panel of the Codewarrior preferences.
  2. GNU Pascal source files should have UNIX style line endings.
  3. You also have to install:
    • the BSD package of the Mac OS X system software (10.2 or later)
    • the Apple Developer Tools
    • the GNU Pascal command-line compiler

The package contains a free 30-day trial license file in the Microbizz folder.
(please add the entire Microbizz folder and keep the plugins in this folder).

Release 1 of the Microbizz GNU Pascal plugins for CodeWarrior can be downloaded from

NOTE: This is a temporary location, and an updated web site that includes a PayPal payment option should be available before your 30-day license expires.

What is not included in this 1.0 release:

The last two items are important ones. I hope the plugins will inspire some interest among Pascal programmers, so that I can invest the time to make these work.

Technical support

If you have a question, direct it to the MacPascal mailing list. To subscribe, to to

Enjoy GNU Pascal !

Adriaan van Os

Copyright © 2003, Adriaan van Os.