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Why I Use Pascal

I've been a devoted Mac user since my family purchased one of the first Macintoshes back in 1984. After finishing my bachelor's degree in 1989, I had a few months to kill and so I taught myself to program. At the time, I selected Pascal because so much of the Macintosh appeared geared toward Pascal - just look at the code samples in Inside Macintosh.

Since 1989, programming the Macintosh has become one of my most important professional assets as well as a passionate hobby. Along the way, many of my colleagues have encouraged me to abondon Pascal in favor of C. I have explored C, but given the active (but small) contingent of Pascal programmers working with the Macintosh and the support of Pascal by Codewarrior from Metrowerks, there is no sufficiently compelling reason to change.

Using Pascal, I have been able to develop a number of programs which have proven extremely valuable in my research into the architecture and growth dynamics of plant root systems. In those cases where I have worked collaboratively with C programmers, I have been able to continue using Pascal by simply compiling my code into libraries and writing C header files.

I maintain a web site where you can find out a lot more about my research as a plant ecologist, as well as download the current versions of most of the software (image processing, statistical programs, miscellaneous Macintosh utilities) I've developed.

Some Source Code

DISCLAIMER (borrowed from I. Ragnemalm): If you run into trouble with this source code, don't demand support and lots of help from me. My time is often limited. Writing this is just about as much support I can give. Most problems are problems that any Mac hacker can solve for you, so turn to the nearby hackers first, please.

General Comments of Source Code:

Glenn's Libraries

These pascal source files and resource files represent the core libraries I have developed and use extensively for all of the applications I've developed. You will need to download these libraries to use with any CodeWarrior project you download.

Dowload Glenn's Libraries (gmbLIB)

Application Template

This Codewarrior project (v11; PPC & 68K) is an application skeleton which I regularly use as a template for quickly creating new applications.

Requires gmbLIB.

Download Application Template Project


This is a very simple application which sends either an appleevent to the finder requesting the computer to shutdown or restart.

Codewarrior project (v11; PPC & 68K). Requires gmbLIB.

Download Shutdown/Restart Project

List Launcher

This is the largest, most significant general utility I've written for the Macintosh. A detailed description of this program is available at my web site. This project illustrates the use of a large number of the features available in my libraries.

Codewarrior project (v11; PPC & 68K). Requires gmbLIB.

Download List Launcher Project

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