Pascal Gladiator IDE
Ryan Joseph

Pascal Gladiator IDE
by Ryan Joseph

About Pascal Gladiator

Pascal Gladiator is a free graphical IDE for FPC and debugger front-end for GDB. I'm developing this program for personal use (so I don't have to downgrade to Xcode), but I hope others can make use of it also. To that end I will try to keep updated versions available to the public.

90% of all the code appearing in the program is from my web programmers IDE WebScripter and underlying OOP application framework which I developed for it.

Why Gladiator?

The true reason for creating this program was out of desperation in the switch away from CodeWarrior. I like Xcode's interface generally speaking, but it's far too complicated and failed on a regular basis citing long lists of obscure linker errors. I was willing to deal with all that, but the real killer was the syntax editor. Totally a joke even for Objective-C and they have only now fixed it for version 3.0, which still does not support Pascal well (at all). Looking at black text for 8 hours a day was too painful a thing to imagine and not being able to navigate symbols was even less tolerable.

My Goal

I aim to keep the interface as clean and simple as I can while providing all the key features needed, which means MUCH less complicated then Xcode or even CodeWarrior, but more complicated than Lightweight IDE.


Special thanks to Jonas Maebe for answering FPC related questions, Ingemar Ragnemalm for providing his UNIX process unit ProcessUtils (used for the debugger mainly), the universal interface team and everyone else that helps answer my questions on the mailing list.

The concept was inspired from Lightweight IDE which helped me believe that making a Pascal IDE was actually possible. It feels great that we now have 2 options on the Mac for Pascal and are that less dependent on Apple.

Main Window (version 0.1b)



You can always find the latest version of Pascal Gladiator, as well as updates to the features lists, at the Pascal Gladiator home page.



Please report any problems and/or suggestions to: Ryan Joseph.

Copyright © 2008, Ryan Joseph