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Free Pascal Compiler

Updated: 4/1/98

What is Free Pascal

Free Pascal is a freeware compiler, written in Pascal. Its aim is to deliver a Turbo Pascal compatible compiler which comes under a slightly modified version of the GNU Public License (to allow the linking of static libraries).


Currently, there is only a 80x86 version of the compiler, but a m68k version is on the way (and coming along quite nicely). There are people working on a runtime library for the Amiga, the Atari ST, and the USR PalmPilot, but no one yet to do this for the Mac.

m68k Participation

The Free Pascal group is looking for programmers interested in helping to finish and/or debug the m68k code generator. They are also looking for some Macintosh programmers to build a Mac RTL.

For more information on the 68k and Macintosh development, please see article on
Free Pascal for 68k.

To participate, check out the Free Pascal Web site at and click on the m68k port link.

Those interested should subscribe to the
FPC and FPC-DEVEL mailing lists. You can get directly in touch with the person responsible for the m68k port by e-mailing Carl-Eric Codere at If you want to start the PowerPC port of the code generator, you're welcome to do so. Carl-Eric wants to do it, but if he has to do it alone, he will probably not be able to start it until mid-1999.

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