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Erik Jensen, Physicist, part time Pascal Programmer, University of Northern B.C.

Eric's Software Café

Here are a few Pascal source code packages that I have written/translated for various tasks. The source is free for all to use (however if you write the next Photoshop using some of them, send me a copy please). I mostly write in Metrowerks Pascal and have included CW Pro 2 project files. The demo apps are so simple that you should be able to get them to compile in any previous version without too much problem (aside from the continual changes to the Universal Headers- but don't get me started). Think Pascal users may have a bit more editing to do, but hey, it's free code...

EasyGrabber - illustrates a very simple (perhaps too simple) unit that can grab video from any Macintosh 'vdig' digitizer. There is no interface so I would not recommend this approach for respectable applications.

Erik's TV - more sophisticated video grabber, again works with any 'vdig' digitizer. I have tested this with the QuickCam, PowerMac 7500 built-in video and the XClaim VR video input. This app implements the video and sound input selection dialogs that let you play with the video input source, etc. Frames can be copied to the clipboard or saved to disk. This could be the basis for adding video input to some application.

Progress - a unit (and small demo app) that displays a simple modal progress bar. A bit crude but has the virtue of being simple, and easy to modify.

SerialStuff - a unit I have evolved over the last while to perform serial I/O. My application is mostly to laboratory instruments (digital cameras, oscilloscopes, obscure lab hardware etc) so the routines have that sort of bias. Lots of good stuff here including how to find all 'CRM' registered serial ports (ie. NuBus or PCI bus serial cards).

SFMultiGet - custom dialog unit (and small demo app) to get a list of multiple files. Simple interface, uses the List Manager to maintain the list of selected files. Helpful if you need to process many files.



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