Pascal Central Donations

Pascal Central Donations

First, thanks to all of you who have already helped out! Your donations are very appreciated, and very encouraging.

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There are two primary options for all Pascalians who would like to help support Pascal Central in a monetary fashion. A $10 donation is welcome from anyone who appreciates Pascal Central and has $10 that they would like to contribute. A $70 donation would purchase a spot for your company logo prominently displayed at the top of any of the following pages of your choice:

For examples of acceptable logos, see the Seagull logo on the Pascal Central Home page.

All proceeds go towards the support of Pascal Central, including domain name registration, mailing list server costs, and tools for web page development. All donations are greatly appreciated!

For online donations, I accept PayPal. Please email me for details on how to send your donations (I had to remove the PayPal link from the web page because SPAM crawlers were grabbing my PayPal email address). You may also send checks by US postal mail (please contact me for mailing information). Thanks!

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