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Pascal Game Developer

I am pleased to announce the new improved site which will soon be known as "Pascal Game Development", or PGD for short.

We recently merged with the dgdev forums to bring a more cohesive site that will bring you up to date information on all things related to Object Pascal game programming on Win32, Linux, MacOS X and on almost any platform that Pascal exists.

Please join us over @

Finally, I wish you all a HAPPY 2005 NEW YEAR!!!

- Dominique

What is provides Pascal game developers the latest news about what people are working on, as well as providing links to resources that they may find useful when writing games. The plan is cover Pascal compilers like Delphi, Kylix, FreePascal, Gnu Pascal, and even Metrowerks's compiler if someone is using it for game development. The PGD forums cover almost all aspects of game development, and most everyone is friendly and eager to answer all manner of questions.

Though we seem to have quite a few Linux and Win32 Pascal vistors on our forums, we do not seem to have any MacOS X Pascal developers. If you are a Mac OS X Pascal developer, please stop by and make a voice for the Mac community!

How did get started?

Basically originally came about because back in 2001, Dean Ellis and I thought that there was not enough centralized information on the web about game programming using Delphi. At the time the closest thing out there was, but that covered all Borland compilers. So Dean and I set out to create The site was written from scratch using PHP and a MySQL DB and we tried to centralize as much Delphi game programming stuff as possible (links, news, resources, etc.).

In 2003 we partnered with the DGDEV guys to add a forum to our site. Then around the end of 2003, we started talking to them about officially creating one site, that was not Delphi specific, but covered as many Pascal compilers as possible. Thus the idea for the updated site was born. It will soon be renamed Pascal Game Development or PGD for short. Jason, AKA WILL, began the task of creating the new site. Nearly a year after he started, the new site was ready.

Game Programming Competition

To coincide with the relaunch of, we announced a game programming competition that we hope people from all Pascal backgrounds will be able to take part in. Learn about and join the discussion at the DelphiGamer news forums.

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