Sioux under Codewarrior 8
Gale Paeper, Programmer

Sioux under Codewarrior 8
Gale Paeper
May 3, 2004

While working with Jack Bozzuffi on several SIOUX problems, I discovered several fields in the C SIOUX.h tSIOUXSettings declaration that aren't present in the Pascal SIOUX.p declaration.

The whole tSIOUXSettings type declaration in SIOUX.p should be as follows:

	initializeTB, 	(* initialize the ToolBox *)
	standalone, 	(* SIOUX in standalone mode *)
	setupmenus, 	(* draw the SIOUX menus *)
	autocloseonquit, 	(* close SIOUX window on program exit *)
	asktosaveonclose, 	(* offer to save on a close *)
	showstatusline: 	(* draw the status line *) 
	userwindowtitle: 	CharPoint; (* Pointer to window title preset by user *) 
	tabspaces, 	(* if non-zero, replace tabs with 'tabspaces' spaces... *)
	columns, rows, (* The initial size of the SIOUX window... *)
	toppixel, leftpixel, 	(* The topleft window position (in pixels)... *)
						(* (0,0 centers on main screen)... *)
	fontid, fontsize, 		(* SIOUX's font, size and textface *)
	fontface: 		INTEGER; 
	sleep: 			INTEGER;	(* pass to WaitNextEvent for sleep time *)

	(* SIOUX-WE specific settings -- no effect on non-SIOUX-WE projects *)

	enabledraganddrop, 	(* WASTE will use Drag and Drop, if available *)
	outlinehilite, 	(* if false, selections in a non-active window will *)
					(* not be outlined--the selection "disappears". *)
					(* if enabledraganddrop == true, this feature will be *)
					(* activated no matter the value of outlinehilite *)
	wasteusetempmemory: BOOLEAN; (* tell WASTE to allocate data from temporary memory *)

	(* END SIOUX-WASTE specific settings *)

	stubmode: 		BOOLEAN; (* Does SIOUX act like console.stubs.c *)

	usefloatingwindows: BOOLEAN; (* uses FrontNonFloatingWindow intead of FrontWindow *)


NOTE: While I don't think all of these missing fields would have an effect for a using Pascal program, it is probably best to have a fix result which completely matches up with the C SIOUX.h declaration for tSIOUXSettings.

For a complete set of instructions for using Codewarrior 8, refer to the Installing Pascal with Codewarrior 8 and Codewarrior 8.3 and Panther documents.

Copyright © 2004, Gale Paeper.