Bill Catambay, Pascal Programmer

Catambalog - Web Log Analyzer
Updated: 11-20-01

What is it?

Catambalog is a web analyzer program written in Compaq Pascal on OpenVMS. It was written for the sole purpose of creating the Pascal Central favorites web pages automatically, based upon the web access logs of Pascal Central.

The Source

At some point I plan on cleaning up the code and posting it here. I may even convert it to Macintosh Pascal, but that would require me to create a lot of fancy file I/O and sorting routines which are built into OpenVMS but not the Mac. In the meantime, here is a useless list of procedures and functions contained in the program (simply to fill this space).

Program catambalog
Function lib$stop
Function lib$get_foreign
Function str$trim
Function str$upcase
Function B$trim
Function B$upper
Function Get_arg
Function Format_date
Function Parse_log
Procedure Parse_record
Procedure setup_header
Procedure Do_requests
Procedure Write_request
Procedure Close_requests
Procedure Do_domains
Procedure Write_domain
Procedure Close_domains
Procedure Do_reference
Procedure Write_reference
Procedure Close_reference
Procedure Do_platforms
Procedure Write_platform
Procedure Close_platforms

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