Code Complete
A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

James Derrick, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong

Code Complete
A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Author: Steve McConnell
Publisher: Microsoft Press, 1993
ISBN: 1-55615-484-4

I was turned off buying this book when I first saw it, because it was around 860 pages long. This single decision has cost me months in wasted programming effort.

The stated aim of this book is to narrow the gap between leading edge and common software development practice. The author covers all aspects of the programming process from the initial design, to maintenance of a finished product and planning for new versions. The bulk of the book, however, concentrates on actual techniques for writing good code. Each point from naming of variables upwards is discussed in detail. When issues are contraversial, they are noted as such, and the pros and cons of each argument are presented. Examples of good and bad code are given in Pascal, C, Basic, Fortran and Ada.

Chapter headings include:

Although the book's size is intimidating, it is exceptionally easy to read. It took me about four days to read it from cover to cover, and I was sad to get to the end. This would easily be one of the best books, fiction or non fiction, that I have ever read.


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