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Milton Aupperle, Author of Make Balloon Text application

Make Balloon Compiler Text

Make Balloon Compiler Text works in conjunction with Peter N Lewis's excellent Balloon Help Compiler for Code Warrior. It's something I whipped up using Code Warrior's 9 Pascal compiler to take all the menus and dialogs in a resedit (rsrc) or Application and spit them out in a CW text file in the same format as Peter's Ballon Help Compiler requires. It's a simple 68K application and there won't be a fat version cause it's not worth writing (like 10 seconds vs 2 seconds to rip through an application with 42 menus and about 200 dialogs).

This is a FreeWare Application and may be freely distributed and used. I would ask that if you use this, have a look through your hard drive and see what shareware applications your using and make sure you've paid the author for their efforts.

The Make Balloon Text application does the following things for you:

  1. Creates a .bh text file with all the menus and dialog ditl items in it. The created text file will be named the same as the file you processing, with the letter .bh appended to it's name (i.e., if you process "myapp", the resulting file is called "").

    NOTE: any file having the same .bh name designation will be overwritten (i.e., a pre-existing "" will be overwritten).

  2. It numbers the items based on your menu ID & dialog id and posts the resource's name beside them.

  3. It keeps track of the state of the menu and ditl items and flags them appropriately into the 4 categories that Peter's compiler uses (x.1 = enabled x.2 = disabled x.3 checked x.4 other). Due to a few complexities, the only menus that will be designated as disabled (x.2) will be those that are line separators in a menu, and sub-menus will show up as x.4.

  4. For ditl dialog items, it also indicates what type of ditl item each is and posts out the name of controls, buttons and text for static or editable text. Since some people may not want to know exactly what each item is, I made the flags for them fairly unique so you can do a find and replace to strip this stuff out if you need to (details included in the Text Maker Doc).

Pascal Source Code

This application is written in CodeWarrior Pascal.

Download the Source Code and Tool

The project file is in CW 10 and consists of the following items:

Sources	(protected, purgeable)

Mac Libraries	(protected, purgeable)
	MathLib68K Fa(2i/8d).Lib
	PASCAL (8d).68K.Lib

I always use 8 byte doubles for the 68K pascal libraries, so make sure you set your compiler preferences to 8 byte doubles or use the non 8 byte double ansi, math, pascal etc. libraries instead. Most of you can probably just create a standard pascal Project with CW 7, 8 or 9 and then drop the MakeBHT.p into the source part and MakeBTH.Rsrsc into the resource part. It's pretty much a no brainer as far as functionality goes.

Please don't send me E-Mail if something does not work right .. I'm providing free source code, not "Technical help" in debugging stuff for your own projects.

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