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Lightweight Pascal IDE Lightweight Pascal (LWP) IDE is Ingemar Ragnemalm's new project for an integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X. This page provides information about the IDE, it's status, and information on future direction. It also includes links for downloading the IDE.
The Knight's Tour Revisited Kuechmann revisits the question of how many knight's tours are there on an 8-by-8 chess board, including Pascal source code and references. This is an updated article to the one he posted 3 months ago.
HISimpleList Revisited Pascal conversion of Apple's HISimpleList sample code, using HIView related APIs, CFMLateImport for CoreGraphics, and updated for compiling with Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces Version G. Provides common source code building with CodeWarrior Pascal and GNU Pascal compilers.
Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces v2(G) Adriaan releases Version 2.0(G) of the Mac OS X Pascal Interfaces for GPC, FPC and MW Pascal, a major release with many new and updated units and compatibility with Mach-O Intel.
Using GPC with BBEdit Peter presents some instructions, tips and sample scripts for using BBEdit with GNU Pascal on Mac OS X Tiger.
Compiling GPC on OS X Tiger Peter provides a list of steps for compiling GNU Pascal (GPC) from scratch under Mac OS X Tiger. The bulk of the instructions consists of the exact UNIX commands to issue for each step of the process.
Using Free Pascal with Xcode Want to program in Pascal on Mac OS X and utilize Apple's Xcode tools? Read this detailed write-up on how to use FreePascal with Xcode.
Using Pascal Interfaces with Codewarrior Pro 8 This is an excellent write-up on how to use both Apple's Universal Pascal Interfaces and the MWP modified versions in the same install of CW Pro 8.x.
Pascal Game Developers Learn about the relaunch of, a web site that provides Pascal game developers the latest news about what people are working on as well as links to useful gaming resources.
Nicklaus Wirth's Mt View Lecture Nicklaus Wirth was recently made a fellow at the Computer History Museum in Mt View, California. Pascal Advocate Scott Moore attended his lecture and has posted some pictures along with a few notes.
Pascal Syntax Poster Jef Raskin designed a Pascal syntax chart to help Pascal programmers visually see the flow of Pascal syntax. In this article, Jef shares the history of the chart and provides a digitized version available for download.
Pascal Central Site Map The Pascal Central site map has been established to provide better crawling of the web site, and to give a simple barebones page for navigating Pascal Central (for those who don't like frames, graphics and tables).
GNU Pascal PlugIns v1.0 The package contains version 1.0 of the GNU Pascal plugins for Metrowerks Codewarrior.
Dynamic 2D Arrays This article discusses dynamically allocating 2D arrays in Pascal, including some sample source code illustrating a solution, plus an archived history of this thread from the MacPascal mailing list.
Sioux under Codewarrior 8 Article that outlines the Pascal declaration of tSIOUXSettings to match the C version.
CW 8.3 and Panther Jean-Claude originally had troubles getting CW 8.3 to work in Panther. After reviewing Installing Pascal with CodeWarrior 8, and receiving advice from the MacPascal mailing list, he resolved all his issues, and graciously compiled his notes for others to learn from.
Pascal Source Code Donations In an effort to encourage source code donations for Mac OS X projects, Mac OS X donations are now awarded Friends of Pascal stars, with a free gift for all Pascalians with 3 stars.
Installing Pascal with CodeWarrior 8 CW 8 appears to work very well with the MW Pascal Compiler. This article describes how to install Pascal with CodeWarrior 8, including what you need to install, what you need to rebuild, settings and changes that need to be made, and some troubleshooting notes.
GNU Pascal for Mac OS X GNU Pascal is an open-source pascal compiler that has recently been ported to Mac OS X. This page outlines GNU Pascal for Mac OS X, and provides several links to GNU information and resources, including the compiler and source code.
Using Unicode in Vector Pascal An article about UNICODE as it is used in Vector Pascal, including links to more information related to Vector Pascal.
Review: Prospero Extended Pascal 3.2 A full review of Prospero Software's Extended Pascal, a 32-bit Pascal compiler for Windows.
Carbonized THINK Pascal TCL This page provides information and a download link for a carbonized (Mac OS X ready) version of THINK Pascal TCL.
Ice Queen RPG Source This page provides a brief overview of the RPG adventure game, Ice Queen, now released under the GNU Public License. Source code and executables are available to download.
TCL at Pascal Central This page compiles all the TCL pages currently hosted at Pascal Central, and provides them from an easy-to-access TCL portal page.
Battle Sea Source Code This page describes the game Battle Sea, a game similar to the board game Battleship, and provides the Pascal source code, a project file and a running application.
MacApp2PPC Project MacApp2PPC, an Object Pascal framework for Mac, has been updated to Carbon interfaces, and information and downloads are available here.
The Pascal Programming Language This is an informal write-up on the Pascal Programming Language, including a brief history, background on language and standards, and dispelling of common myths.
Math Runtime Patches for CW A set of runtime libraries to add overflow checking to various math routines, such as Trunc, Sqr, and Round (for use in CodeWarrior Pascal).
Carbonizing Pascal under Pro 4 An alternate set of instructions for porting your Pascal programs to Carbon, including steps for building Pascal.PPC.Carbon.Lib.
Merlin's Tower A list of available Pascal source code projects similar to Merlin's Cavern, except for Carbon projects.
MacPascal Units A collection of useful Pascal Units donated from various developers around the world.
Carbonizing Pascal Programs Currently the most detailed instructions set for porting your Pascal programs to Carbon (includes steps and a CarbonStuff unit to help in your port).
Virtual Pascal A Pascal compiler for OS/2 and Win 32, now being offered as freeware.
Pascal Poll - Web Site Appeal A Pascal poll to help determine where to spend the most resources in support of Pascal Central.
Apple and Borland Pascals Compared A detailed comparison between the Pascal dialects of MPW Pascal (Mac) and Borland Pascal (Wintel). The page provides comparison charts that are a direct result of building non-GUI-based software projects on both platforms.
Pascal Poll - Web Site Look A Pascal poll to help determine the future look of Pascal Central.
Pascal From the Quality Perspective Pascal Central's second interview, this interview is with Ron Drake, a Quality Engineer at Apple Computer. Ron gives a great perspective on the Pascal programming language, both in terms of its history and its inherent usefulness as a development tool.
SpriteWorld Pascal This is a Pascal conversion of the popular SpriteWorld animation package. This page describes the Pascal package, what's needed, and how to use it, and includes download links for the libraries and Pascal demo programs.
Interview with a Pascal Architect This is a candid interview with John Reagan, the Pascal architect for Compaq Pascal for OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX. John provides some great insight to the art of compiler making which should be of interest to any software developer, regardless of programming language or platform.
Open Source Pascal Compiler Project This page is dedicated to the design and implementation of a Freeware Pascal Compiler for the Macintosh platform. Obtain information on joining this open source project, check out the latest status of the project, or check out the list of references for building a compiler.
How to Advocate Pascal The Pascal Advocacy page has been revamped, including a new section on how to advocate the Pascal programming language.
Algorithms+Data Structures=Programs A peer review on the Nicklaus Wirth book Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs.
JSokoban - Source Code Jason has graciously released the source code to his JSokoban freeware game. The source code is released under the Perl Artistic License. The source code and project files have been tested under CW Pro 4 and CW Pro 5.
Pascal Books Check out the new Pascal Books page. The old Mac Books page has been merged into this new page which provides books on Pascal in general, as well as books for Macintosh and other platforms. It also includes links to so that you can buy these books on-line.
About Pascal Central Who, what and where does Pascal Central come from?
Macintosh Pascal Version 2.1 Macintosh Pascal is an online book which contains chapters and demonstration programs covering system software, memory, and resources; low-level and operating system events; menus, windows, controls, dialogs and much much more. Version 2.1 brings the document up to snuff with OS 8.5.
Hiding the Menu Bar -
Pascal or Assembly?
One of the more frequently asked questions from Mac developers is answered here with sample code in both Pascal and Assembly Language. Originally done in Pascal, it was later converted to Assembly after Metrowerks announced dropping Pascal. Both packages include source code, resources, project files and running applications.
Pascal Poll '99 The MacPascal mailing list has polled a sample population of Pascal programmers, and the results indicate a very strong position in favor of Pascal.
TCL Update '99 Robert has taken over the support of TCL from Vik, and has brought the TCL package up to version 1.3.1.
A List Pascal Adaptation Kit This is a Pascal Adaptation Kit for the A List, a freely available List Manager replacement for the Mac OS. It was designed to overcome the limitations of Apple's List Manager.
Pascal Tools This page is intended to be a one-stop shopping place for obtaining free tools to help you program in Pascal.
Object Pascal beats C++ This article is in response to the ever-prying question, "Why program in Pascal when most everyone programs in C?" It attempts to summarize the many reasons why choosing Object Pascal over C++ is a sound choice.
Pascal Database Central A page designed for Pascal programmers to submit beta applications for testing, test other Pascal beta applications, and share Pascal source code snippets.
Morgana's Cavern A new source code archive intended to house only PC Pascal source code packages (PC version of Merlin's Cavern).
CScript for Pascal CScript is a small library that allows you to execute AppleScript code from directly inside your application. Source code provided with permission by Cache Computing, ported to Pascal by Sebastiano Pilla.
Free Pascal for 68K & PPC An addendum article by the developer working on the 68k side of the Free Pascal Compiler.
MazeMaker Another article on Maze Generation, this one includes Mac source code for the maze generation routines, as well as a CodeWarrior project and sample running application.
Oh! Pascal! A book review on the popular Oh! Pascal!, including a decent breakdown of the components of the book.
Koryn's Units A collection of Pascal source code and libraries being made available here for the common good.
Why Pascal is Better Than C A lighthearted look at why Pascal is truly a better language than that "other" language.
SendFax Demo An article about the FAXstf library, including sample source code for sending Faxes in Pascal.
Free Pascal Compiler A description of Free Pascal, a freeware Pascal compiler, and links to encourage participation in porting the compiler to 68k machines.
Eric's Software Café A bundle of software units for doing simple video editing, progress bars, serial port, and multiple file custom dialogs.
A Bare-Bones Introduction
An elaborate and well thought out discussion on the ins and outs of making your applications scriptable. Voted Best Paper at MacHack '96.
THINK Pascal & CodeWarrior Pascal A white paper comparing THINK Pascal to CodeWarrior Pascal, including instructions for migrating THINK code to CodeWarrior.
Steve's Webpage (page retired) Pascal source code libraries, thread manager and QuickTime source code, and an application that supports the basic core Apple Events.
Pascal References A collection of articles which are related to miscellaneous Pascal topics, such as Pascal Standards, different compilers, and Apple's new Universal Headers.
Extensions to CodeWarrior Pascal This document presents extensions to ObjectPascal to provide semantical compatibility with Objective-C syntactic contructs and runtime, as well as constructs added from other languages and the Extended Pascal Standard (now includes Word format download link).
Cyclomatic Complexity Metric A plug-in for the Codewarrior IDE to calculate the cyclomatic complexity metric for Pascal source code.
Merlin's Cavern Complete Pascal software packages, including applications, source code and project files. This page also provides a summary of which programming functions each project features.
Code Complete
A Practical Handbook of Software Construction
A book review on Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction.
Cabot's P-Code Pascal An article about P-Code Pascal, a 32 bit Object Pascal compiler producing p-code executables.
Macintosh Pascal Programming Primer A book review on Macintosh Pascal Programming Primer . Discusses the strengths of the book as they relate to just starting out programming on the Macintosh (Mac).
Pascal Central Submissions Information for making submissions to Pascal Central. Have some source code, articles, PascalWare, or feedback to submit for Pascal Central? Please follow the instructions on this page for making any submissions.
PascalWare A page providing links to freeware and shareware applications which are programmed in Pascal (Mac).
Multipane Dialogs A set of functions for creating pane dialogs, with Pascal sample code (Mac).
Eclectic CDEFs CDEF source code: the Celsius CDEF and the Gauss CDEF (Mac).
Nothing But Macintosh Source Code A conglomeration of Pascal source code and source code links for the Macintosh.
Glenn's Stuff Pascal source files and resource files representing the core libraries developed and used extensively for all of the applications developed during Glenn Bernston's graduate studies in Plant Ecology (Mac).
Pascal Central Favorites Page hit statistics for Pascal Central, showing the most frequented pages as well as popular times of days and days of the week.
PRF-File System Information and SDK download for the PRF-file system (Pseudo Resource Files), a substitute for resource files providing no limit in number of resources (except disk size), shorter access time, and (in the final version) cross-platform (Mac).
Macintosh Pascal: A Hobbyist's Guide Macintosh Pascal is an online book which contains chapters and demonstration programs covering system software, memory, and resources; low-level and operating system events; menus; windows; controls; dialogs; the Finder interface; Apple events; QuickDraw; printing; files; scrap; text and TextEdit; Lists and LDEFs; CDEFs and VBL tasks; floating windows and WDEFs; sound; and much more.
OmegaSoft Pascal A brief history on OmegaSoft Pascal, developed for the Motorola 6809 Processor, and evolving to Microware's OS9 operating system (includes link for purchasing the compiler and compiler source code).
Writing Solid Code A review on Steve Maguire's book, Writing Solid Code: Microsoft's Techniques for Developing Bug-Free C Programs. Peter N. Lewis discusses the importance of this book as it relates to solid programming techniques and bug free software.
Mac Programming Books A list of programming books for developing software on the Macintosh (Mac).
Peter's Source Some direct links into some powerful software libraries authored by Peter N Lewis, including a massive number of Pascal functions and procedures doing everything from calculating CRCs to thread manager utilities (Mac).
Pascal I/O Extensions New extensions for the Pascal I/O facilities to interface more harmoniously with the File Manager (Mac).
Sample Code for Hiding the Menu Bar Finally, one of the most frequently asked questions answered here, including sample source code and project file (Mac).
My Type - Font Catalog A tool for cataloging fonts, and includes full Pascal source code, project file and working application (Mac).
Balloon Help Tool & Pascal Source A tool for taking menus and dialogs out of an application into a text file for use with Balloon Help Compiler. Article includes application and Pascal source code (Mac).
Ingemar's Corner A vast collection of Pascal source code, including descriptions and ratings, provided by Ingemar Ragnemalm, Macintosh shareware author, Pascal advocate and co-author of "Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus" (Mac).
Official Pascal Standards Links to the official ISO Pascal standards, and the on-line versions of the object-oriented Pascal standards and Pascal standards FAQ.
Depth Manipulation in Pascal All about depth manipulation, including depth libraries, sample programs, source code, project files and running applications (Mac).
Universal Interfaces - Old to New A lookup table providing the old and new universal interfaces names, and includes a link to the full set of Apple's latest universal interface files (Mac).
Porting TCL from Think to CodeWarrior Information to help developers port TCL code from Think Pascal to Codewarrior (Mac).
Greg's Object-Oriented Framework A minimalist object-oriented framework for Pascal programming (Mac).
Pascal Advocacy The best way to keep support going strong for Pascal is to be vocal about your needs directly to Apple (Mac).
Pascal Standards FAQ Put together by John Reagan, this FAQ contains various questions that are frequently asked about the various Pascal standards.
Complete TCL Port to CodeWarrior A complete conversion of Think Pascal 4.0 TCL to CodeWarrior for 68K and PPC, including exceptions-handling mechanisms (Mac).
Virtual Pascal for OS/2 A Pascal tool for OS/2 developers worldwide (OS/2).
TCL Pascal Lives Bits and pieces of TCL code submitted by fellow TCL Pascal programmers (Mac).
Pascal Forums & Links A collection of forums and links which provide Pascal related articles and source code, and includes newsgroups, web sites and FTP sites.
Gamma Fading in Pascal A source code library for performing a Gamma Fade on the Macintosh,including a sample program for demonstrating the library calls (Mac).
Converting a Picture to a PixPat Discusses the conversion of a PICT resource to a ppat resource, complete with source code of a working sample program (Mac).
Scientific Pascal A review on Harley Flanders' book, Scientific Pascal. Discusses the general Pascal content of the book and includes an extensive list of the algorithms covered.

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